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Training & consulting

szkoleniaTraining and consulting

Comprehensive knowledge of running a business, tax nuances, available forms of settlement and their benefits in individual situations - this is a lot of professional knowledge. The tax and accounting firm Łódź WIOL is a team of specialists - each of us is an expert in our narrow field and we are all very happy to share our knowledge.

Accounting and tax training in small groups

We offer accounting and tax training. The scope of the training includes issues related to forms of taxation, registration documents, proper issuance and circulation of settlement documents in the company (invoices, bills), coordination of activities, notifications to the Tax Office, ZUS and much more.

The exact program of each training is designed according to the needs of the participants. Thanks to this, we are sure that our accounting training in Łódź perfectly meets the expectations of our clients, clarifies all their doubts and helps them obtain the necessary knowledge.

Training takes place in small groups and combines a workshop formula with theory.

Individual accounting and tax training

In addition to group training courses that are highly rated by our recipients, we also offer individual consultations.

Individual consultations may cover broadly understood tax, accounting and settlement topics. During the consultation, the entrepreneur can obtain comprehensive answers to all questions and dispel related doubts, gaining knowledge about the most advantageous type of business or the best form of settlement in his individual situation.

The thematic scope of individual consultations and the required duration in one or more sessions are each time adjusted to the client's defined needs. Our expert remains at your disposal, making every effort to ensure that the time spent together is used as effectively as possible and allows the client to gain the necessary knowledge.

The exact training program is determined according to the needs of the participants.

doradztwoIndividual consultations:

During the course, the participant obtains detailed tax information regarding the establishment of the planned type of business, its settlement, etc.

Example scope of information:

  • Which form of taxation should you choose, taking into account the specificity of the planned activity?
  • Should you decide to enter VAT?
  • How to purchase and settle fixed assets in the company?
  • How to register a business?
  • Assistance in completing EDG-1, VAT-R
  • Selection of ZUS contributions

The scope of consultations listed is only exemplary. During them, the new entrepreneur receives specific answers to his questions, information provided in an accessible way and advice appropriate to his situation.

Entrepreneurs who have signed a contract with us receive a discount on accounting services in the amount paid for the consultation.

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