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Serving the film industry

The Łódź WIOL accounting office specializes in accounting and settlement services for the film industry. We have many years of experience in this field. We provide support to smaller and larger companies of directors, cinematographers, set designers, and film production companies. We settle subsidies from the Polish Film Institute, handling each stage of such settlements and supporting clients with professional knowledge throughout the cooperation.

Settlement of applications under EU funding

The accounting and accounting office in Łódź WIOL deals with the settlement of applications for funding from the European Union. We have been dealing with this since 2006, and the growing demand for such services has resulted in the number of our clients constantly expanding. Currently, we have over 700 successfully settled grants.

We provide comprehensive support in the settlement of invoices, proof of payment for eligible expenses, reports on completed activities, contracts with subcontractors, documentation monitoring compliance with the assumptions and regulatory requirements of individual EU programs, preparation of a final report along with financial documentation required for approval by the managing authority . Cooperation with us increases the chances of success of the project and minimizes the risk of serious errors.

We offer, among others:

  • Assistance in registering a business.
  • Accounting and HR consulting in the field of business activity.
  • Convenient location in the center of Łódź.

Keeping accounting books

The accounting and tax office Łódź WIOL provides comprehensive accounting services and bookkeeping - we work so that you can focus on the development of your business.

Accounting books, also called commercial books, record the flow of funds within the organization. The obligation to maintain them covers capital companies, but also organizations and legal persons. Keeping accounting books allows you to track financial transactions, control expenses and revenues. Thanks to them, all tax settlements are possible, but commercial books are also extremely important from the point of view of running a business, they allow you to make strategic decisions based on the actual condition and prediction of the company's financial condition. Correct keeping of accounting books is crucial for the development of the company, necessary in the event of a tax audit, there is no room for errors and mistakes.

Scope of services Up to 30 entries Up to 50 entries Up to 100 entries 100-200 entries Over 200 entries
Commercial books PLN 750 net PLN 980 net PLN 1,400 net PLN 1,900 net To be agreed

Fee for preparing the JPK_VAT set (if applicable) PLN 50 net

In addition:

  • developing accounting policy principles,
  • preparation of the company chart of accounts with implementation,
  • monitoring of liabilities and receivables,
  • preparing additional statements and reports.

Special offer for non-profit organizations.

Taking into account the specific nature of the activities of foundations or associations as well as our contribution to providing help to those in need, we have created an offer for organizations that do not achieve systematic revenues.
In months when the organization has no income other than membership fees, we do not charge for our services.

Since 2005, we have been participating in the settlement of projects co-financed from EU funds. During this time, we have completed many of them with varying degrees of complexity. The experience we have gained allows us to support the organization's authorities already at the project writing stage.

Keeping flat-rate records

Accounting office Łódź WIOL offers full accounting services, entrust the keeping of flat-rate records to specialists and sleep soundly.

Keeping lump-sum records is a form of simplified accounting for entities that have chosen the form of lump-sum taxation on recorded revenues. It is usually used by smaller entities, and the form of such records is less complicated than full accounting. Although this is not an option for everyone, for many companies it is the most advantageous form of settlement. Keeping flat-rate records involves registering all revenues, taking into account the order in which they are obtained, registering fixed assets records and keeping full documentation for records.

Scope of services Up to 30 documents Up to 50 documents Up to 100 documents Over 100 documents
Lump sum without VAT PLN 200 net Up to PLN 250 net Up to PLN 410 net To be agreed
Lump sum with VAT PLN 240 net Up to PLN 280 net Up to PLN 480 net To be agreed

Fee for preparing the JPK_VAT set (if applicable) PLN 10 net

Keeping a book of revenues and expenses

The Łódź WIOL accounting office provides comprehensive KPiR services, delegate the duties related to keeping the revenue and expense book to experts and benefit from friendly cooperation.

Keeping a book of revenues and expenses KPiR is one of the forms of records available in Polish tax law, also called simplified accounting. Keeping a book of revenues and expenses involves registering both revenues and incurred business costs, and the entries entered in the register must be based on appropriate documents. This entrepreneur-friendly, simplified form of accounting, although less complicated than full accounting, requires professional knowledge and reliability. KPiR is the basis for VAT and income tax settlements, annual tax returns and a summary enabling better control over the profitability of the company.

Scope of services Up to 30 documents Up to 50 documents Up to 100 documents Over 100 documents
KPiR excluding VAT PLN 230 net Up to PLN 370 net Up to PLN 600 net To be agreed
KPiR with VAT PLN 260 net Up to PLN 440 net Up to PLN 700 net To be agreed

Fee for preparing the JPK_VAT set (if applicable) PLN 10 net

HR and payroll services

Accounting and accounting office Łódź WIOL - we provide full HR and payroll services with a guarantee of reliable cooperation, convenience and benefits that will allow you to develop your company without any obstacles.

HR and payroll services are an extremely important element of the functioning of every company that employs employees. It covers not only effective human resources management, but also the correct and legal settlement of employee benefits. HR and payroll services include a number of activities that you can entrust to specialists: maintaining full HR documentation, including employee contracts, personal files, leaves, layoffs, health and safety training and many others, settling working time, calculating remuneration, benefits, ZUS and US settlements. Cooperation with specialists in HR and payroll services allows you to optimize costs while eliminating the risk of errors in documentation and settlements.

Scope of services Basic service Extended service* Activities related to the employee's employment Activities related to the dismissal of an employee
Human resources and payroll services PLN 45 net per employee PLN 10 net per employee PLN 25 net
per employee
PLN 25 net
per employee

* additional service in the case of e.g. overtime work, equivalent work system, night work, bonus calculation, etc.

Employee services for disabled people and settlements with PFRON.

Scope of services Price
HR and payroll services including PFRON settlement PLN 70 net per employee


Scope of services Price
Preparation and settlement of contracts PLN 25 net per contract


Scope of services Price
Preparation of annual tax returns
PLN 35 net per contract
Electronic sending of the PIT 11, PIT 4R, PIT 8AR declaration to the Tax Office along with verification of its correctness, affixing an electronic signature and downloading and printing an electronic confirmation of receipt PLN 5 net per contract


Scope of services Price
Preparation of tax corrections PLN 50 net/month
Preparing ZUS corrections PLN 25 net/month
Correction of the Financial Statement Priced individually, depending on the amount of work, but not less than 50% of the fee for the corrected report
Other corrections Priced individually, depending on the amount of work

Examples of additional services:

  • preparing accounting policy along with a chart of accounts,
  • assistance in preparing document circulation instructions,
  • completing loan documents,
  • preparing a business plan for subsidies from the Labor Office,
  • recovery of tax arrears,
  • recovery of ZUS arrears.

We are aware that the information contained above does not exhaust the scope of possible cooperation, we encourage you to contact us by phone:
(042) 633-61-48, (042) 250-53-59 or e-mail: biuro@wiol.com.pl

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